I spent a year in Berlin. I was hungry the most of the time: not because of lack of food, but because all I did was reading and writing about food. I talked about it, thought about it, and I was craving for more. I wanted to understand all the perspectives that food is related to and how they are presented in terms of journalism.

During that year I did a research about food journalism with a grant from Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. I realized that even food writing is everywhere, the term food journalism is new. Usually people thought I was talking about food blogs or recipes but, besides them, I was talking about climate, politics, famine, food industrialism, culture, status symbols, history, nutrition, legislation, public health, religion, agriculture, TTIP – the list goes on.

To illustrate this, I compiled a guide: Writing About Food – A Guide to Good Food Journalism.

Based on my research, I launched a food journalism study program in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences this autumn, in co-operation with Haaga-Helia and Sanoma Media Finland. I learned a great deal during the program and I met brilliant food journalists and food people who I highly respect – as I did in the process of making the guide.  Now I would have twice as much material for it.

But this is the first version. It’s just a scratch to food journalism, yet it is a start. And my goal? To raise the respect of food journalism. For all the reasons mentioned here and found from the guide.

If you are interested, you can download the guide from here.