It was the first thing that I was thinking when I woke up. The butter.

I had a dinner the night before that included several dishes. It wasn’t a fine dining restaurant but a better restaurant, I would say. A trendy one. The kind of where you order the table full of plates and share them with your friends.

And there was one dish above them all – bread and butter. For me, bread is important. You can tell a lot about a restaurant, based on what kind of bread they serve. As the breadbasket is usually the first thing that will be in front you, it’s the beginning of the story. Nobody want’s to read the story if the beginning sucks.

So the bread was good, but the butter was even better. It had a flavor of smoked alder. Or some other tree. It was wild, rich and dominating flavor but yet light and fresh. It made me think of a summer night by a lake, somebody smoking fish on the cottage yard. But there was no fish. Just the butter with the elegant smoky flavor.

It’s a trend: butter with flavors. I just read a recipe for Grilled Pineapple Butter. And for Lime Tomato Butter. And Parmesan Garlic Butter. And Daisy Mint Butter. Just to recall the ones I’ve seen this week. And I like it. It’s only a question of imagination how you can spice up your butter and it will take your bread to a whole new level.

But I like simple things. And this is something I like to do, especially in the summer as a companion to new potatoes, asparagus or bread.

Butter, with some decent salt crumbs.

butter //


4 dl double cream
salt crumbs

Whisk the double cream with a food processor or a mixer until it’s whipped cream. And continue. After about five minutes it turns granular and the water separates. Strain off the liquid and season with salt.