Destination Berlin? Oh, I love travel planning. Check this, maybe you’ll find some useful tips for your holiday.

  • Be prepared to pay everything in cash, even in taxis. There is a new law coming in spring 2015, according to which you should be able to pay with credit card in taxis, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Take cash with you.
  • Don’t book a hotel, rent an apartment from airbnb. Hotel rooms are usually small, apartments are bigger and you can live next to locals. You won’t be needing the hotel breakfast, because you can get good breakfast in every corner of Berlin. If you are here to play techno throughout nights while taking speed, take a hotel. For the sake of the neighbours.
  • Rent a bike! The bike routes are really, really good and it’s the best way to get around. If you use public transportation, buy a ticket (with U-bahn and S-bahn you’ll find the ticket machine on the platform, with trams you’ll find the machines inside the train). There are a lot of inspectors. Taxi is always good and rather cheap option too.
  • Stores are closed on Sundays. And that is a great thing! You have time to hang around the city, roll with your bike, eat good food (cause all the cafés and restaurants are open), go to flea markets and relax in parks. Berlin is the Sunday capital of the world.
  • Current info about gigs and other events you can find from Tip Berlin and Zitty. These magazines have websites of course, but buying either one when you get here is a good move. If you prefer your magazine in English, find Exberliner.

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Pharrell Williams was happy to be here.