Holiday! Anyone?

As a radio lover, instead of giving you recommendations what food related literature to read this summer, I’ll give you a list of my favourite food podcasts. Enjoy!

Grub Street Podcast
New York Magazine’s food and restaurant blog, Grub Street, provides my absolutely favourite podcast. Restaurant critic Adam Platt and Grub Street editor Alan Sytsma hit on food trends, important questions such as which is better, pizza or burger, or is making coffee getting too pretentious, food phenomenons, classics, food hipsterism, chicken. Yelling involved. It clever, witty, hilarious, harsh – it’s brilliant.

The Sporkful
“It’s not for foodies, its for eaters.” As much as I like the slogan, I like the host Dan Pashman‘s laughter. And while listening Sporkful, you hear that a lot. It’s fun, relaxed, never boring. This WNYC’s podcast is about meeting interesting food people and talking important issues, like is vanilla ice cream dull. Or breaking the Ramadan with a taxi driver or talking with Weird Al Yankovich about his food related songs. The Food Lab wiz Kenji Lopez-Alt also shares his kitchen science tricks.

BBC Food Programme
It’s BBC so it’s informative and a bit more formal. Written, recorded and edited with time and talent. It’s high-class, takes you to places and teaches a lot. You’ll meet people like Yotam Ottolenghi or learn everything about fermentation. It’s really good.

Burnt Toast
The brilliant food community Food52 produced, a cosy podcast where the host Kenzi Wilbur meets chefs, food writers, bloggers and chats about current food issues or just really everyday stuff, like what we cook when we don’t feel like cooking. It’s relaxed, chatty – a perfect company in the kitchen.

This podcast is all about food people. Chefs, food writers, critics. It provides “the stories behind the stories of individuals who defied conventions and shaped our food landscape.” From Michael Pollan to Ruth ReichlEric RipertHarold McGee to Alice Waters. You want to hear their stories.

The Menu
The Monocle‘s – a global affairs and lifestyle magazine and a radio station – food podcast The Menu takes you all around the world telling the latest food news and sharing interesting food topics from all over. Informative and international. And as a Finn, it very much pleases me to hear the familiar, deep, pleasant voice of a Finnish journalist, Markus Hippi, who is hosting the show.

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