My friend was screaming to my ear like mad a duck.

And I was laughing my ass off. No, we were not drunk. He just tried to teach me how to pronounce Phở right. I actually felt a bit ashamed that I didn’t know it before, as it is one of my favorite soups.

I think I got it, but it took a while. I still wanted to check it on the next the day (cause it might be that we were a bit tipsy after all) and I found a helpful video:

Inspired by this, I wanted to share with you a few other pronunciation videos, just in case.

Talking about soups, another my favorite, Bouillabaisse:

Gnocchi, those nice little dough dumplings.

You like superfood? How about some Acai berries?
(And yes, the video really is too long.)

A typical Finnish summer festival food, Paella.

Here comes the tricky one, Worcestershire Sauce.
Not like this:

But like this:

Here’s a tip I read:

Just say Worcester sauce. Don’t say worcestershire sauce – you drop the ‘-shire’ and forget about it. It’s not wrong to say worcestershire sauce in full, but it’s just not something anyone who regularly uses it bothers with.


And last but not least, that Italian coffee called Espresso is actually espresso, not expresso.