So I made this little Berlin guide to give a first aid kit for people who are coming to town for a short holiday. My intention was not to try to cover the whole restaurant scene but to give a few good tips.

But as the city is filled with great food, I just can’t resist to give you a few more.


For breakfast, if you are between Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, try Antipodes (Fehrbelliner Straße 5). A really cosy small cafe owned by New Zealanders, great breakfast food, coffee and really good service.

antipodes //

Another super cosy place for breakfast I could recommend is Mundvoll (Waldemarstraße 48). A nice, quiet corner café with a terrace in Kreuzberg.

mundvoll //

mundvoll_2 //

The best lebanese food in Berlin I’ve found from the area of Moabit. In Turmstraße there are several supermarkets and small restaurants with all the Middle Eastern goodies: mezes, falafels, manakeesh, hummus, fatteh, baklava, you name it. If you are there, try for example Restaurant Neun (Turmstraße 53).

noun //

Great Middle Eastern food you can get also from Knofi. They have two restaurants in Kreuzberg (Bergmannstraße 98 & 11) and a smaller place in Oranienstraße 179 (there I haven’t visited). Very good meze plates and Lebanese wine.

knofi //

For some amazing ramen soup, head into Gogolo (Gipsstraße 3), Mitte. A tiny place with a short ramen menu. The veggie version was maybe the best one I’ve ever had. Prepare to queue. Same owners also have a great sushi place, Kuchi, next door. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went there to celebrate her birthday. Mein Gott.

cocolo //

Cocolo has also another ramen restaurant in Kreuzberg (Paul-Linke-Ufer 39/40).

For a longer dinner, try out Nudo (Lausitzer Platz 10) in Kreuzberg if you fancy some italian food. They serve a 4-course meal with 28 euros. That is a really good deal. It includes few surprises from the kitchen and great bread. Candles, good wines, just a beautiful place.

nudo //

nudo_ //

And if you are willing to spend a few more euros, reservate a table from Industry Standard (Sonnenallee 83) in Neukölln. Trendy but cosy restaurant with a nose-to-tail ideology. Pick plates from the list, and then pick some more as you get the feeling that you just want to try everything. Menu keeps changing.

industry_standard //

industry_standard //

industry_standard //

industry_standard //

Getting hungry? Me too! Even I just ate.

One more. This falafel plate is from Falafel in Berlin. Ironically, that is the place where I’ve found the best falafels in Berlin so far. It’s in Skalitzer Straße 102.

falafel //