I was crying my eyes off.

It was a cry of shame, pain and freedom. I had just thrown up and I was sobbing on the bathroom floor, wearing a pretty dress.

I was maybe seven years old and I had just come back from my friend’s birthday party. And I had eaten so much cake and candies that I threw up as I got home.

Yes, limits. No, didn’t have any. I just loved sugar when I was a child. I used to dream that I could live in a house that was made of candy. Or at least I was sure that when I grow up I will definitely own a candy store. I couldn’t understand why any grown-up would do anything else than eat candy, because they can. That is what being an adult meant to me: freedom to eat whatever I want.

And I have to say – even today – I love that I can eat ice cream for lunch if I want. Or to have the dessert before the main course. Or to have cake for breakfast. Of course there will be regrets after sugar overdoses, but sometimes you just can’t help it.

And this cake was that sort of thing.

I must warn you: you just cannot stop eating this. It’s totally addictive. Bite after bite you just howl the heavenly deliciousness of it and will take another bite. And another. And the best part:

no baking involved.

Yes, it’s the simplest cake to make. It’s a traditional cake in children’s parties in Germany and it’s called “Kalter Hund” meaning cold dog. The name comes from the looks of the bread pan that is used for making it. The mineworkers in Germany used to call the coal wagon the dog. And the wagon looked like the pan. This treat from the 20th century is also one symbol of the boom after the Second World War in Germany.

This was the taste of freedom.

cookiecake // boilingunder.com

Cold Dog Cookie Cake

200 g baking milk chocolate
200 g coconut oil
3 eggs
150 g icing sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
100 g cacao
4 tablespoons milk
220 g butter cookies

Melt the chocolate with the coconut oil in a cattle. Let it cool lightly. Combine the eggs, icing sugar, vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt and mix with any electric thing (naturally a mixer would be the best, but as I didn’t have one I used the stick blender) few minutes until it gets a bit creamy. Add the cocoa powder and milk and whisk until mixed.

Combine the almost cooled chocolate-coconut butter mixture with the egg-sugar mixture. Mix gently, it will turn thicker! Line a bread pan (25 cm long) with a cling film or a baking paper. Then fill the pan with layers of chocolate spread and cookies, just like lasagna. First layer of chocolate, then layer of cookies. Finish with a layer of chocolate spread and let it cool in a fridge over night.

The next day you’ll be in heaven.

cookiecake // boilingunder.com