Steaks that were a bit burned, sausage soup, “risotto” made from Uncle Ben’s rice and vegetables from the freezer, macaroni casserole with ketchup. That is what home cooking meant to me. Because that is what I was cooking when I was young.

I was mainly in charge of my family’s meals when I was a teenager. And I really did not know how to cook anything. Well, except those dishes – and not even them particularly well.

By reading food magazines and recipes, you might think that nowadays home cooking is more innovative; there are so much more possibilities as the selection of ingredients is huge. When I was taking care of our family meals, there were no halloumi cheese, couscous, coconut milk or fresh cilantro in the supermarkets. Fresh basil had just arrived to Finnish grocery stores. Eating a peach meant opening a can of peaches in a thick sugar syrup. But it’s not about the selection of options. People still tend to cook the same dishes all over again, because they are the ones you are used to do.

I just read an article from Bon Appétit about American reporter who wanted to see what home cooking is, so she visited different houses in America. She found people who were thinking that their home cooking wasn’t “anything special”. I know many people who are ashamed of their home cooking, because of the same reason.

In the article, one of those not-anything-special-dishes was a sauce made from tomato and butter. The two ingredients that this woman told they used to have in her childhood. So she made it and served it with pancakes. The reporter was blown away – how can it be so sweet?

And how can you make something so good with just these two ingredients?

So of course I had to test it.

It indeed WAS really, really good.

The sweetness of ripe tomatoes combined with the seductive taste of melted butter was amazingly sweet and rich combination. I did it with pasta. With some salt it was divine. But without the salt, go with the pancakes. You’ll be surprised.

tomato_with_butter //

Tomato Butter Sauce


Chop the tomatoes. Melt a good chunk of butter in a pan. Throw the tomatoes in the pan. Simmer briefly and serve.

This is what I call fast food.